Printing Standards
The Graphic Arts industry is very specialized and requires specific high-end software and hardware to ensure a quality finished product. If you are supplying your own logo, the following information may help you understand what you should do before sending the logo to Action Printing.
Can I print my logo on Promotional Products?
Yes, 99% of promotional products can have your company logo imprinted on.
I have my logo in hard copy. Can I use this?
Not. To use your logo, it must be in a digital format. Hard copy logos (from the pre-computer-era) must be recreated again in a specialized graphic software program. If this is your case, you must send your hard copy by mail, courier service or fax if applicable.
How can I send my digital logo to Action Printing?
There are several options online to get your logo into our office.

1. Online Ordering: When customizing your product, you have an option to upload your logo to our servers. You must complete the order to keep the logo uploaded, otherwise it will be deleted as soon as you session is closed.
2. Direct upload: After creating an account with us, you may send files to our servers. Go to My Account and find the link "Upload a File".
3. By Email: You can send files to your account representative's email address at any time. Maximum file size: 20 MB.
4. By mail or Express Service: Send your floppy, CD, DVD or BD by mail or courier service. Be aware it will take several days to receive your material.
Is there any additional charge for printing my logo on Promotional Products?
No as long as your logo is in the acceptable format.
What is "acceptable format" for printing logos on Promotional Products?
Acceptable formats are these files that conforms to the printing standards in order to output high resolution materials in high end equipment. File is in acceptable format when we can open, rip and output high resolution films or plates directly from your file, without additional work.
Which type of files are "acceptable formats" for printing Promotional Products?
CDR - CorelDraw
CMX - Corel Exchange
AI - Adobe Illustrator
WMF - Windows Metafile
CMG - Computer Graphics Metafile
PDF - Adobe Acrobat when content is not bitmap
EPS - Generated from Illustrator or CorelDraw
If my logo is not in one of the "acceptable formats", can I still have my logo printed?
Absolutely! If your file does not meet the printing standards, we can recreate and convert your logo into the proper format for an additional fee. If you are unsure about the format you currently have your logo, send a copy to customer service to advise you the charges. Click here for sending the file now.
Is there any restriction in the type of format I should submit my logo?
No. If you can open and see your logo in your computer, we probably can too. However, you should clearly understand this difference: Above mentioned formats are the ones used in the Graphic Arts Industry. If you provide your logo in one of them, there shouldn't be any additional charge. If you provide your logo in another format, we can still open and see your logo in our computers, but we cannot work with the archive until it is re-created again.
How much should I expect to pay to make my logo in "acceptable format"?
Graphic design pricing is not a flat rate. Each work involves different tasks thus each one is quoted separately. Once we have received your logo, we will evaluate the work to be done. If the charge is $30.00 or less, we'll add this fee to the order and proceed without notification. If the fee is over $30.00, we will contact you for approval.
Can I hire a Graphic Designer to create my logo acceptable for Graphic Arts?
Yes. If you are hiring a professional graphic designer, he/she should knows what to do.
Is there more information about graphics, designs and logos on your web?
Yes, we are contanstly updating our customer support pages with new information, as soo as it becomes available, to help you understand the printing process and help you make the right decision when purchasing promotional products. We invite to come back soon and check from the main support page new topics added to the website.
I still have some questions, what can I do?
If you have any other questions, feel free to contact our customer service department for help. Click here to contact us now.