Great brilliant ideas

Advertise products and services

BEATRIZ PERAZA, D.D.S. Doctor Peraza realized that a simple advertising tool such as a stock molar-shaped tooth magnet would be an excellent reminder of her services to customers and prospects. She realized that participating in the “Career Day Event” at the local Middle School as a volunteer, and giving away a molar-shaped to each student, they will appreciate her consideration! God knows our community helpers rarely have the money to spend on goodwill tokens! Many dental associations distribute the same magnet to its members printed with contact information or as a meeting reminder.

Promote goodwill

If you are involved in your community and you do exhibit at the community trade shows, expos, health fairs, community service events, fundraising events, etc. you need to provide your audience with a tangible reminder that you were there for the good of the community. Promotional products like pens, magnetic calendars or post-it-notes could do a great job for you in such cases.

Build store traffic

Building store traffic is something cannot be achieved in one day. Building store traffic is a daily task to be performed, and where each event, show, social or community program counts in building a store traffic efficiently and inexpensive. Whatever is the event you participate, bring something interesting for your audience that they will not only hang onto, but also let others to get curiosity.

Grand Opening and Anniversary Celebration

We all see a Grand Opening or Anniversary Celebration in the community. At your celebration, not only you must properly bring the attention of prospects, but also get them inside your business. Once inside, take this opportunity to give them something to carry out home, so they can remember you later. Celebrating opening is a way to show people you intent to stay in their community for a while.

Employee recognition

Promotional products for employees provide encouragement, company loyalty and increase company visibility. Promotional products in the office increase unity and team work. They promote the feeling of corporate success and job security in employees. They feel proud to display your logo or company name.

Build customer loyalty

In this competitive market we all live today, the price to pay for getting a customer is high. To keep a happy returning customer is a top priority for every one of your staff. If you have customers (who doesn't) to recognize for being with you for several years, personalized promotional products could make the trick to reminder your customer how important is for your business.

Provide incentives for safety and incentive programs

Have your employees kept your company injury-free for a while? Does your driver have kept good records thru the year driving your company's trucks? Consider one of our hundreds of reward and incentive program products to recognize their effort. Personalized jackets, mantel clocks or executive travel bags are great for these special occasions.

Promote your company's website

Getting your website online is easy. Driving customers and prospects to your site is different. Beside many options to promote your website online, you may also work to promote your site offline. First at all, don't miss a single piece of paper leaving your office without your complete web address, and yes, this includes business cards, envelopes (who knows, you may find a customer in the post office), letterheads, catalogs, brochures, etc. You should also use a direct mailing to customers to promote your new site. Magnet mailers are extraordinary products to create a dynamic direct mailing, which includes a small magnet to keep close at hand for getting in touch when they need.