Benefits of promoting with Calendars

Promotional Calendar advertising will give you the following advantages over other advertising medium.

Promotional Calendars Advantages

• 365 day exposure.
• Controlled distribution.
• Customer appreciation.
• Customers ask for a new one each year.
• Large number of impressions per month at a low cost per impression.

No other advertising medium can make the above claim. Most other forms of advertising use the “shotgun approach” - blow their ads out to a very broad market hoping to hit some customers. Chances are that you will remember the advertising on the promotional calendar that you have on your home or office wall - most likely you won’t the newspaper ad or radio advertisement that you read or heard.

Other benefits of promoting with Calendars

All advertisers have a three fold need:

• Build Name Identity.
• Invite New Business.
• Hold Good Customers.
Building Name Identity:

Promotional calendars build name identity 365 days a year, several times a day. They tell the buyer Who you are, Where you are located and What products or services you offer. The advertising on the promotional calendar reinforces the business trademark whether in the home or the office.

Invites More Business.

The advertising calendar “talks daily” to the prospect reminding them of the business and inviting more purchases. The promotional calendar sign becomes the advertisers “Silent Sales Representative.”

Holds Good Customers.

The perceived value of the calendar makes its presentation to the customer a “Thank You” for their business. That “Thank You” is remembered everyday when the as the recipient uses the calendar for reference and scheduling.

How does an advertising calendar support the three basic needs?

1. The promotional calendar has a low cost per impression. In our daily routine, we refer to a calendar many times. This frequent referral by members of the household or by people in an office makes the promotional calendar cost per eye impression just a fraction of the cost of other media.
2. The calendar has controlled distribution. Every dollar invested is directed toward the exact market or person you wish to reach.
3. The promotional calendar has a long life. Calendars are used and referred to for a full 12 months or in some cases more and then are sometimes saved for personal records. This gives your sign a place 365 days a year minimum.
4. The promotional calendar is a daily necessity. Surveys tell us the 98% of all homes and 100% of all businesses use a least one calendar and usually up to four.
5. The promotional calendar is personal. People become involved with their calendar during the course of recording data or referencing it. 65% of all calendar users write appointments or reminders on their calendar. This daily involvement keeps your advertising sign working everyday.
6. The promotional calendar has continuity. Your message stays with your customer everyday; thanking them for past business and inviting them to continue with future business. In addition, the recipient will most likely ask for another calendar the next year.
Note: Have you ever heard of someone asking a business for a copy of their newspaper or radio ad? NO!
7. A promotional calendar has intrinsic value. People appreciate getting a calendar form a business and place a tangible value on it. Surveys show that 67% of all advertising calendar users would purchase a calendar if a complimentary calendar was not provided.
8. The advertising calendar is hung or placed where buying decisions are made. Your calendar will obtain valuable place on the wall or desk in the homes or offices where people make buying decisions. Your calendar becomes your “Silent Salesperson” in these locations when you can not be there yourself.

List of events where promoting with calendars is recommended

Building your Brand or Image • Business Gifts • Generating Attendance and Traffic at Trade Shows and On Web Sites • Improving Customer or Employee Relationships • Dealer and Distributor Programs • Motivating Consumers • Promoting Branch Openings or New Facilities • Activating Inactive Accounts • Opening New Accounts • Commemorating Special Occasions or Events • Changing Your Name or Location • Educating Your Customers or Employees • Encouraging Community Awareness and Involvement • Creating Goodwill and Positive Press • Announcing News • Expressing Thanks • Introducing New Products or Services • Recognizing Results, Service and Longevity • Fund Raising • Promoting Safety • Motivating Sales People, Employees or Customers • Stimulating Sales Meetings or Conferences • Increasing Retail Store Traffic.