Concepts and defitions

What is a Promotional Product?

We all have seem, received, touched and used a promotional product. There are thousands of promotional products and thousands of businesses use every day promotional products to promote their business, products, or services. There are also thousands of programs and ideas in how to use promotional products effectively, and get more for every dollar spent in promotional advertising. Let's take a look first to what means promotions, or promotional, and what is promotional advertising.

What is Promotional or Promotions?

• The act of promoting or the fact of being promoted; advancement.
• Encouragement of the progress, growth, or acceptance of something; furtherance.
• Advertising; publicity.
• Promotion involves disseminating information about a product, product line, brand, or company.

What means the term Advertising Specialty, Promotional Product, or Promotional Item?

Basically, it's any item imprinted with a logo or slogan and given away to promote a company, organization, product, service, achievement, event, etc. Useful product that carries an imprint and is given freely without obligation.

What means the term Advertising?

• The activity of attracting public attention to a product or business.
• The business of designing and writing advertisements.

What is an Executive Gift?

Executive Gift is merchandise given by a business to executive customers for goodwill.

What is an Award?

Award is recognition merchandise, often personalized, used to acknowledge good performance. Could be used with company's own employees or with customers.

What is a Premium?

Premium is an item given in consideration of past, present, or future obligation.

What is a Direct Premium?

Direct Premium is merchandise offered, free or with self-liquidating payment as inducement to purchase at the time it's purchased.

What is a Referral Premium?

Referral Premium is an item offered to satisfied customers who refers seller to a friend or associate.

What is a Continuity Program?

Continuity Program is a promotion in which a set of related promotional items or premiums are offered over a period of time.

What is a Safety Program?

Safety Program is a coordinated promotional strategy to ensure safety in all areas of an organization's operations.

What is an Employee Incentive?

Employee Incentive is a way to entice employees to help you hit a goal. Company's own employees are awarded with merchandise specific goals has been met.
What includes Promotional Products?
Specialty advertising items or promotional products may include ad specialties, apparel, awards, business gifts, commemoratives, premiums, prizes, etc. Typically, promotional products have the advertiser’s brand, logo, or tagline printed on them. Promotional products are an excellent way to keep a brand in front of consumers long after a promotion is over. Additional benefits of distributing promotional products are increasing customer loyalty, repeat purchases, and word-of-mouth recommendations.